Cast Of Characters

The Beast – My long term spinal cord compressiom that went undiscovered for over 5 years which left me with full use of my limbs but chronic pain which changes in intensity with hot, cold, humid, rain and snow – to quote one of my many doctors "You will never be pain free again", severe fatigue (think remote that you hit to squeeze the last juice from just to change the channel), myoclonic jerks that are sometimes violent but often leave me with a visible shake, insomnia, ambulatory issues, and bowel and bladder issues – and that's after a 4 hour surgery to remove half the discs in my neck.

Mom– 20 years old when she had me, her mother passing away when she was 16.  She is the last of 12 kids.  Married my father 4 months before I born.  Click on her name to read more about her.

Dad - 25 when I was born. He is the younger of 2 sons.  Dad has always been my rock and my compass during my turbulent childhood.  He is happily married to my mother for almost 40 years.  Currently battling Pulmonary Fibrosis to which there is no cure.  Click on his name to read more about him.

My Husband – My first husband, father of my only child. IT professional. Workplace romance. The other half my soul. Spent 10 years together and he remains my best friend even today, well not since Winter (Read the blog) Currently lives with my son about 65 miles away from me.

Mr Coffee – My second and current husband. Met through mutual friends back in 2002 and became my coffee buddy until I fell off the face of the planet when I became pregnant and focused on my family. Blue collar rough neck. Has no filter and much to my disliking very judgmental about everyone and everything. Reunited as friends during my divorce in 2010, unexpectedly turned romantic soon after. Eloped in 2012. Poster child for anger management gone wrong.

My Son – my 13 year old son who was born prematurely in 2003. Lives with his father and has played soccer since he was 5 and wrestles on his schools team where he consistently makes the honor roll. Suffered many ailments during his first 4 years of life due to his prematurity. Now he tries to manage his ADHD and anxiety.