About Me, Myself & I

Here we go… Introduction time.

I am many things, some are very common and others not and because we are individuals, some only unique to me.

Since this is my safe space to rant and rave about the inner workings of my life down to the layers of myself and soul to the masses or perhaps, nobody at all – I may protect identies but not stupidities.

I am middle aged, divorced with one teenage child, and remarried with another teenager to add to my collection.

I was at the pinnacle of my career when an undiscovered spinal cord injury changed my world forever.  I'm also an only child with nothing but a wide assortment of nuts in my family tree to keep the drama flowing like Willy Wonka's chocolate river.

If drama that surrounds me weren't enough, I hold nothing back – and no subject is off limits.  So sit back and enjoy the show that is just my crazy life.