Hell Week Survival

Well surprisingly Hell week wasn’t too terrible. I didn’t kill any fish while my parents took their first vacation in 36 years and I managed a doctor visit for my son and parent teacher night – both with my ex husband without any Valium – Bonus!

And now that I’ve managed to be the bigger person even though I feel like a doormat sometimes, I feel I’ve made baby steps in trying to get my relationship with my ex husband back on friendly terms.

Up next was the soccer game. Granted I was upset I ordered the wrong batteries for my DLSR camera, so I couldn’t take action shots of the first soccer game of the season. Oh well – action corrected and will be ready for next game on Saturday which my ex isn’t sure if he will even be there, but the fact my parents are coming makes me feel a bit better.

As for the game itself, my ex even offered and managed to haul all the way back to his car to get me an umbrella as I was starting to overheat from the sun and my pain patches can be fatal if they get heated by the sun as it will release more medication than it should. We made some basic chit chat, but things still are way off on compared to how they were 9/10 months ago.

Well any progress is better than moving backwards. Now only if I can get my neck on board that program since it only will remain the painful same or deteriorate. Can’t pick the battles you have no control over.

Next up…. Managing to take care of the animals and myself (which really translates to don’t fall or trip or anything that will mess my neck up any further) while my husband is out of town on business.

Otherwise I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only person in a hundred mile radius with Life Alert under 40.

Stay tuned.

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