Hell Week Begins

If my weeks weren’t already packed enough with weekly medical appointments this week will definitely test me – physically and emotionally.

At the request of one my physicians I’m to begin 6 sessions of acupuncture this week which is nothing pain wise for me as I’m used to way bigger needles in my neck trying to hit trigger points with the weekly dry needling which sometimes leaves you bruised looking like a pin cushion.

Ok, I can handle that addition.

Next I’m fish sitting for my parents as they are on their first vacation by themselves in 36 years. Absolutely love they are finally taking a vacation alone but my father is very particular about his fish and left me a spreadsheet – yes you read that right which requires daily attention – essentially alternating days they are fed and following up the next day by turning the filter pumps back – and repeat that until this weekend. Oh, and my mother’s latest baby is a species known for jumping out of tanks and this fish is the longest one they’ve kept in almost 50 years of keeping freshwater fish. Thank god they only live a mile away.

Ok, mildly inconvenient but not complaining because they are my parents and I’m just happy they are on vacation.

Next up – Parent night at my sons school – over an hour away. That in itself is not the problem – the problem being is that I will be forced into the same area of my ex husband which emotionally I’m still very raw about the whole feeling like the worlds biggest fool. I barely manage 2 words at drop offs and don’t even get out of the car, and even then when my son leaves my eyes go into overdrive….so this will definitely be testing the strength of my Valium.

Not going to lie – not looking forward to this as even if I sit separately, I doubt he leave me alone.

Next up… Double header… our sons first soccer game of the season. Yep, again dreading this one. Not sure how I’m going to manage to keep the tear ducts turned off as they just flood even when I’m stone faced just thinking about the 9 months of hell I’ve been going through. Again test of Valium.

Perhaps God will be nice and flood the fields Friday night but soccer season is just starting and I will have 8 more weeks of this fun.

May the odds be ever in my favor:

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