Annoyance Should Be A Felony Punishable By Duct Tape!

As if my beast of a diagnosis isn't enough to deal with on an hourly basis, I've had to get creative in what I can and can't not do, because 90% of things that I used to do for leisure I can't, and the remainder of that 10% I can only do for usually 10 minutes at a time.. like crocheting. Pathetic I know, considering I remember the days I could crochet for hours and not get tires – but now the fatigue forces my hand on every aspect of daily life.

So I decided to take up a skin care routine that my mother has been hounding me about since I was 20. So now that I'm not flying by the seat of my pants 24/7, I've now invested in my skin, in an effort to at least not look as old as I feel. And what does that give me?

Oh yeah, the suspicion of having a boyfriend. Which is especially laughable when I rarely text or call anyone, and I've got a bonus teenager home from Michigan for the entire summer and my biological teenage son that is here every other weekend and so far 2 week long stays.

Granted Mr Coffee had bad past experiences but when it comes out nearly on a daily basis, even after I told him it isn't funny to me, he continues his teasing even after he said he would stop. I'm staring to think the 13 year olds have a better maturity than Mr. Coffee.

But I do get it, to an extent that my Beast knows no boundaries on what systems it affects and sadly pretty sure that my sex drive got taken out during surgery. It sucks but at least I'm not in a wheelchair paralyzed from the neck down.

I think the biggest reason is my husband #1 truly loved me unconditionally, disabled and all – which probably accounted for the two times I've actually been able to have sex – just not with my current husband, but the first. Mr. Coffee does not – he's even pissed me off by telling me he's going to put me in a home – because that's a sure fire way to never get anything from your wife other than a cold shoulder.

I'm sure that happens everywhere but guys listen up…. it's more annoying and shows your maturity level as a 12 year old. It's skin care for crying out loud – something that most guys I come across don't even know what that is – relax. Start to worry when I start buying lingerie and condoms in bulk and you're not getting even a kiss from me – then start to worry.

In the meantime, I'm going to search for the duct tape – because old wise men say it fixes everything.

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