Friday’s New Character – Double Feature!

So in order to effectively tell my story and the family drama that goes with every family, I’ll need to introduce the various cast of characters.  Today I will start with the ones that are pivotal to my very existence – Mom & Dad.

Mom:  Was just shy of 21 when she had me.  She was the last of a very large brood of children – 12.   Lucky number 12 was born when her father was 57 years old, and her mother was 36.  I still can’t wrap around my head that my great grandfather was alive when Lincoln was president.  Mom grew up very poor and lost her mom at 16, and was especially close to her 2nd eldest sister – Child #7 (Whom we will introduce a later date).  Met Dad at work and married Dad when she was 5 months pregnant with me – the only child.  While I was growing up, mom had some mental issues and was heavily medicated and had a few stints in institutions due to several suicide attempts. Her father whom none of the children were close to, died at the age of 82 when I was 4 years old.  I have only a single memory of meeting this man that was my grandfather on his death bed.  I spent lots of time with her 2nd eldest sister during the weekends to give me a sense of normalcy, and when #7 moved away, 3rd eldest sister #10 took over.  Mom and I have always had a strained relationship needless to say.  Growing up she was the mom that was still going to AC/DC concerts while I was in high school.  She was the cool mom to my friends and they loved her and a lot of them called her mom – even to this day.  Moms ways took a sharp right turn when Sister/Child #10 suddenly passed away and she turned religious – something that was never in my house growing up.  To this day Mom continues to try to make up for all the bad things, and I’ve continued to try and be receptive.  Nobody’s perfect but Mom definitely comes with lots of drama and baggage.  My parents are still married after nearly 40 years and it are close to this day, although it took them about the first 20 to get to that point.  Interesting fact – moms family tree and all of the nuts are descended from patriots during the Revolutionary war against Great Britain for our independence of these United States – John Hancock, Samuel Adams, John Adams our 2nd president, and John Quincy Adams, our 6th president of the US are our closest relations.

Dad:  Dad was the youngest of 2 sons born to 1st US born generation parents whose families immigranted from Poland in the 1910s.  Dad married Mom (his 2nd wife) at the age of 25, and I came along 4 months later.  My grandmother, like my maternal grandmother passed away when my father was 21.  Neither my Dad nor my Uncle had a close relationship with the only grandparent I ever knew.  My grandfather quietly passed away at the age of 88 in 2011, my family having no formal services for him – only my parents and I quietly witnessing the burial of his cremains (That where shipped directly to the cemetery) next to my grandmothers casket on a sunny fall day.  Growing up, Dad was my rock, my compass that kept me orintated North during my turbulent childhood with mom’s mental instabilities.  During my childhood, on the weekends when I wasn’t with Moms Sister #7, I would spend time with my father’s brother and his family which like mom’s sisters would play a pivotal role even later in life.  An interesting fact about my father is he did not speak until he was 4.  Prior to that, my father had a secret language with his older brother and his older brother acted as the translator, even more peculiar was that on the same day in 2013, during the exact same time, each unaware of the others condition, my father displayed signs of a mini stroke that his older brother was actually having 1700 miles away – talk about a very close connection!  I was always a Daddy’s girl and probably always will be.  My relationship with my father is far better than the one with my mother.  My father had a stroke of unbelievable luck when he had a near fatal heart attack 15 years ago and waited 3 days to go to the hospital. 2 out of 3 main arteries blocked 100% – leaving doctors perplexed on how he was still alive let alone walking into the hospital.  Today as he approaches retirement age, he continues to work and golf mostly every Sunday and has been recently diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis – which offers little if any treatments that actually work and no cure.  As he has forgone the option of a lung transplant, he currently has a life expectancy of 2-5 years.

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