Best Years Of My Life – Part 1

Throughout my decades of life I've never done anything in the normal procession of things. IL fell in love and found my soulmate when I was 20…at work (which was always a no no in my dating book). We lived together almost immediately. There are no words to describe how immediately my very essence was drawn to him, it was completely surreal. Almost 20 years later I can still vividly remember looking out of the data center monitoring room where I worked the strangest of hours and see him working on a server in his red tee shirt, khaki cargo shorts, and his beloved Birkenstock sandals. I hadn't even had a date with him yet but somehow I just knew this was going to change my entire world.

At 23, I unexpectedly got pregnant in June with our only child, I found out while he was overseas in Italy celebrating his sisters college graduation with his family and thus he found out while he was on the other side of the world – and yet during those days of being overwhelmed he managed to make me feel like I wasn't alone by sending sweet text messages like it would be ok and I guess we need a bigger place. When he came home he gave me the most beautiful white gold bracelet that came from Florence. Unfortunately he also came home with a blown disc in his back from lifting his mother's suitcase onto the train and I tended to him during his recovery, came home every day during lunch to do whatever I could to help him recover which included a cortisone injection into his spine.

Then more drama hit home, had life threatening complications at 27 weeks during a visit at my parents some 50 miles away and was immediately taken by ambulance (I refused to go by helicopter) to the nearest level 3 NICU which just happened to be the hospital closest to our home and where we planned to deliver at by coincidence and he was right there waiting for me as I arrived at the hospital. He never left my side while I spent 3 days in ICU where the medications that they used made me feel like I was 200 degrees, and he would soak my washcloth with cold water and place it on my forehead – every 10 minutes. He never griped about it, work would wait, and he spent every restless moment next to me for 3 straight days on the standard issue uncomfortable hospital chair that I'm fairly certain he got zero sleep while I toed the line of death. If that wasn't enough, nurses would have to take blood every 30 minutes to an hour and for someone who passes out at the
sight of blood, he took it like a champ.

After that I was immediately put on strict bed rest, doctors just hoping they could get me to 32 weeks, which meant our timeline for our sons arrival was just accelerated by 2 months – while he was looking for our new home. During the 5 weeks between my ICU stint and when I delivered our premature son, we both had stints in hospitals. He suffers with ulcerative colitis and had a flare up that hospitalized him for 2 days and while I could not be there 24/7, bed rest or not, I was going to be there because he was my everything.

Not even a week later he closed on our new home which was 30 minutes north of our apartment. When I drove up that December night, I opened the door and he was there at the top of the stairs and smiled and said "Welcome Home". We ordered some pizza and ate sitting on the kitchen floor soaking in all the drama that had transpired in the last 6 weeks. If my luck wasn't bad enough, I caught some stomach bug that again landed me into the hospital, this time for only about 12 hours. While our family painted our new home in preparation for the move day.

While I struggled to keep to my bed rest regime, things were in full swing for our move, to start our life together as a family. We said goodbye to our little apartment #203 that held so many precious memories and followed the moving company to our new home.

I'm not even sure how he pulled it all off with the craziness of all the drama that transpired between our sons unexpected imminent arrival, a new home, and 3 hospital stints, and in true drama fashion – in the midst of the holiday season – and let's not forget about pregnancy hormones! It all sounded like a bad version of the 12 days of Christmas.

So on our third day of our new home while my better half was at work, Comcast came out to install the cable. This would have been no big deal except the installer spoke very little English and had a very heavy Eastern European accent – who stressed me out by scuffing our freshly painted vaulted ceilings while attempting to access the attic. After that debacle I was happy to see my partner home after a long day. Just his very presence gave me the calmness and serenity I desperately needed. Little did we know when we went to sleep that night, the drama wasn't over yet…..

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